Dry medicinal herbs, wild fruits and essential oils

About us

Agro-Oil Ltd. was established in 1992 by Milcho Vladimirov Hristov. He is one of the founders of the Union of Bulgarian Herbalists.
Agro-Oil Ltd. is a family company, which provides a livelihood for about 70 people. Our company actively cooperates with local and European companies, also with many pharmaceutical companies around the world. In recent years the company grew rapidly and became one of the leading exporters in Bulgaria (over 1000 tons per year). We can guarantee product quality and quick response to our customers.
Agro-Oil Ltd. is not only committed to export production. We control the entire process from planting, harvesting, drying, packaging and storage of medicinal plants and fruits. We offer to our customers a wide range of dried herbs and fruits – over 180 products from over 130 different plants.